Contact Information
 Position (*=elected)                           Name                                Note: Email addresses are now at, not                       
Phone Number
* President Christian Wright
[email protected] 508-561-4341
* Vice-President Neil Bentley
[email protected] 508-948-5747

* Secretary Robert Fitzgibbon III  
[email protected] 508-836-4044
* Treasurer Anthony Strong
[email protected]

* Boys Program Officer (BPO)

Brian Campbell

[email protected]
* Girls Program Officer (GPO)
Matt Meehan

[email protected]

*In-Town Development Officer  Pat LaCroix [email protected]
Registrar Kandice Glassman [email protected]                 

Director, Under 6 (Pre K- K) Stephen Rust [email protected]

Director, Under 8 (Grades 1-2) Pat LaCroix [email protected]
Director, Boys U10 (Grades 3-4) Kevin Glassman [email protected]

Director, Boys U12 (Grades 5-6) Eric Peterson [email protected]
Director, Boys U14 (Grades 7-8) Brian Campbell  [email protected]

High School Advisor (Grades 9-12) OPEN [email protected]
Director, Girls U10 (Grades 3-4)

Beth Orsini

[email protected]

Director, Girls U12 (Grades 5-6) Jennifer Kelley [email protected]

Director, Girls U14 (Grades 7-8)  Alex Boyd [email protected]

Director of PR
OPEN [email protected]

Immediate Past President
Robert Fitzgibbon III
[email protected]  
Director, Coaching Tim Singleton
[email protected] 508-366-1607
Director, Equipment Terence Kelley  [email protected]  
Field Assignor Terence Kelley
[email protected]

Referee Assignor Steve Dileo
[email protected]

339-226-0206 (M)
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