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Above: Mark Ruest, NHSA DOC,  Suley Doenmez, Competitive Boys Coach of the Year and NHSA President Bob Willey

At a recent awards presentation held at The Executive Court Banquet and Conference Center the following awards were presented.

Competitive Coach of the Year – Boys – Suleyman Doenmez  

Competitive Coach of the Year – Girls – David Richard

Competitive Volunteer of the Year –  Diane Hebert

Recreation Coach of the Year – Boys – Janice Narducci

Recreation Coach of the Year – Girls – Daniel Howe

Recreation Volunteer of the Year – Steve Pare’

Referee Youth of the Year Male – Caleb Cole

Referee Recreation Youth of the Year – Alex Richards

Referee Adult of the Year – Doug Campbell

Referee Youth of the Year Female – Corrine Natale

Referee National Life Member – Joe Kurta


The Outreach Program for Soccer

 The New Hampshire Soccer Association is pleased to announce the start up of a TOPSoccer Program. What is TOPSoccer? “(The Outreach Program for Soccer) is a community-based training and team placement program for young athletes with disabilities and special needs. It provides meaningful learning, development and physical participation opportunities to these young athletes through the game of soccer.”  Why do we need this?  “To foster the physical, mental and emotional growth of these athletes overall personal development using the sport of soccer at all levels of age and competition. To enable young athletes with disabilities and special needs to develop their physical fitness, technical skills, courage and self esteem, through the joy and excitement of playing soccer.”

 We are currently planning to hold several jamboree for players ages six (6) through nineteen (19), with disabilities and special needs.  

New Hampshire Soccer Association TOPSoccer program is looking for the following:

  • Interested people to volunteer to be a coach, or a buddy
    • coaches need to be 18 yrs and above; wishes to help bring the opportunity to play soccer to all who wish to play the game
    • buddies can be anyone age 14 and above who has a desire to work with players with disabilities and special needs to bring the game of soccer to all who wish to participate
    • both a coach and a buddy will need to go through a specialized training session.  Anyone 18 and above will have to go through a risk management check.

Participants from the age of U6 through U19 both boys and girls with disabilities and special needs who wish to play or participate in the game of soccer.

To All


With the spring season just around the corner ( not sure the weather man got the word that spring has come),  it is time to remind all our coaches, managers, volunteers and administrators that safety is Everyone's responsibility.  Goal safety is critical. 


Here is a simple check list from Kwik Goal

Kwik Goal Safety check list

Yes No 

1. Are anchors in place and secured properly to the goal and ground surface? 
2. If anchor bags are being used, are they in good condition? 
3. Are anchor bags adequately filled with aggregate? 
4. Are anchor bags placed over the base of the goal frames at the back corners? 
5. Is all connecting hardware, such as nuts and bolts, in place and secure? 
6. Has the structural integrity of the goal been compromised? 
7. Are welds cracked? 
8. Are corner joints secure? 
9. Is the goal on a level surface? 
10. Are the goal nets attached properly to the goal frame? 
11. Do sharp edges exist in any part of the goal and net attachment system? 
12. Do the nets have large holes or tears? 


If goals are to remain in the upright position, make sure they are secured with cement based ground anchors or ground sleeves.  
If goals are anchored with portable style anchors, goals should be stored by being chained together face-to-face, chained to a permanent structure, or in some cases placed in a face down position.

· Remove the net when the goal is not in use.
· Make sure that all connecting hardware is in place and secure.
· Check the structural integrity of the goal.
· Never allow anyone to climb on the goals.
· If goals are to be moved, exercise extreme caution and provide adequate manpower to move the goals.
· Check condition of warning labels.

 Kids Safe through Got Soccer to do back ground checks: 06-24-11

For Risk Management we have made some changes that integrate Risk Management into the registration process. This year we will ask that coach and manager accounts be created in the  club account. This will make the team building an easier and quicker process and also include information to the club administrator of the coach’s and administrators Risk Management status.. We will provide detailed instructions on the new process by Mid June. If you have a valid background check, you will not have to pay another fee. The system will be able to tie the previous report to your new coach account.

Effective June 1st, 2005 all NHSA volunteers in any capacity must register online for Kids Safe program and have a background check done. Go through your club / league to get this done.

Member Services

Any player that was born out of the United States or left the US
and stayed in a foreign location.. please read this information
and follow any needed directions. (chick here) 


To listen to the Got Soccer webinar from 06-22-11 please

click on the following link:

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MEETING REPLAY from 01-22-11 GOT Soccer training
Information of the training from 01-22-11.. please click here 

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