General Tryout Information
In addition to what is listed below, all Tryout information can be found on individual team pages or by contacting the manager or coach of a particular team. 


Posting Rosters as available...please check back for updates 06/18/12 12:55 pm
U08-U12 Boys Roster 2012-2013
U08-U12 Girls Roster 2012-2012 
If you have been offered a roster spot please go to Register Now at the top right of this site.  You will need to register for "Tryouts" initially.  Please select uniform sizes (you can go back and update until June 20) and proceed all the way through Checkout to purchase your Tryout at no cost. 

Once you have registered, you will receive an email offering you a spot on the team.  PLEASE read this email entirely as it contains important information.  Follow the instructions to accept your roster spot.
Girls Tryouts

Rising U8 - Festus George, Christy Arndt
For information please contact Christy Arndt ([email protected])

Rising U9 - Carl Andrews
For information please contact Alex Perkidas ([email protected])

Rising U10 - (Danielle Malagari/Kimmie Bunting)
For information please contact Casey Crafton ([email protected])

Rising U11 - (Tanya Vogel/Jerry McNeal)
Thursday, 6/28, 6-7:30, Holding School at 5701 Grosvenor Lane
For more information please contact Anne Lieberman ([email protected])

Rising U12 -(Dave Greene/KJ Spisak/Pat Farrell)
Aug 1 6:30 - 8 Walter Johnson HS
Aug 8 6:30 - 8 Walter Johnson HS
for information on this tryout contact - Ed Treacy ([email protected])

Rising U13 - (Dave Greene/Hayley Seigel)
For more information please contact Stephanie Saturni ([email protected])

Rising U14 - (Hayley Siegel/Ellis Pierre/Danielle Malagari)
For more information please contact Jill Kane ([email protected])

Rising U15 - (Jon Morgan/Gary Burke)
For more information please contact Carolyn Ferrari ([email protected])
For more information on the Azul please contact Gary Burke ([email protected])
Bethesda Soccer Club Rising U15 girls team is looking to add an
experienced goalkeeper to the current squad. The squad will be playing
in the VCCL this season. If interested please contact Head Coach Gary
Burke, email above.

Rising U16 ECNL (Mike Calabretta/Ellis Pierre)
For more information please contact Dohi Shin ([email protected])

Rising U16 State Cup (Tony Pykosh, FSV)
For more information please contact Kathy Savits [email protected]

Rising U17 ECNL
(Dave Nolan)
For more information please contact Melina Dunn [email protected]

Rising U17 State Cup (Megan Novak)

For more information please contact Michael Verhanovitz ([email protected])

Rising U18 ECNL (Ellis Pierre)
For more information please contact Morgan Park ([email protected])

Rising U18 State Cup (Jerry McNeal)
For More information please contact Alysa Emden ([email protected])

For additional information you can also contact
Ellis Pierre - Director of Girls Programs 


Boys Tryouts

WE ARE LOOKING FOR PLAYERS IN ALL AGE GROUPS U7-U18.  Please contact the coaches below if you are interested in joining. 

Rising U7/8's (DOB 8/1/04-7/31/06)

Sal C., Eric T., James L.-C., Mike W., Simone M.

Rising U9's (DOB 8/1/03-7/31/04)
Phillip G., Trevor M., Tony G., Billy B., Mustapha M., Chris B.
Contact Trevor: 
[email protected]

 Rising U10's (DOB 8/1/02-7/31/03)

Trevor M., Wendell R., Jamie D., Chris B., Simone M.
Contact Trevor: 
[email protected]

Rising U11's (DOB 8/1/01-7/31/02)
Phillip G., Wendell R., Billy B., Tony G., Jamie D.

Rising U12's (DOB 8/1/00-7/31/01)

Matt N., Mike W., Frans Aarts., Mike Worden
Contact Matt: 
[email protected]

Rising U13's (DOB 8/1/99-7/31/00)
Blue: Brett Colton
[email protected]

Green: Danny Irizarry
[email protected]

White: Frans Aarts
[email protected]

Rising U14's (DOB 8/1/98-7/31/99)
Blue: Matt Ney
[email protected]

Green: Neil Berment
[email protected]

White: Carl Andrews
[email protected]

Rising U15's (DOB 8/1/97-7/31/98)
Emile Mbouh
[email protected]

Green: Neil Berment
[email protected]

White: Sal Caccavale
[email protected]
Rising U16's (DOB 8/1/96-7/31/97)

Brett Colton
[email protected]

Green: Frans Aarts, Bruce Murray
[email protected]

Rising U17's (DOB 8/1/95-7/31/96)

 Pete Mehlert,
[email protected]

 Eric Tin
[email protected]

Rising U18's (DOB 8/1/94-7/31/95)
AC Bethesda: Contact Brett Colton,
[email protected]

Green- Contact Todd West
[email protected]

For Additional Information on any team you may contact:
 Jonathon Colton- Director of Boys Programs