CFC - Cobb Referee Information

  • Referees are booked for games one week in advance.
  • E-mail the ref assignor by Monday of each week with your availability and any other particulars (such as you can only do 2 games or only want ARs). E-mail is preferred, but you may also telephone – be sure to leave your name, phone number and when you are available.
  • Assignments are e-mailed by Wednesday. Please e-mail back confirming that you are taking the assignment.

Game Day

Be sure to write down your ref schedule. A copy of the schedule may be available at the concession, however it may not be open if there aren’t many games (on Sunday, for example).

  • You are expected to be at the field 30 minutes before the game.

We realize that may not be possible if you are changing fields, but please make every effort to get there a minimum of 15 minutes before the scheduled start. You need this time to check players’ equipment and cover a pre-game talk.

  • Assistant Referees should show up with more than a flag.

They should wear a watch and bring a pen and paper with which to keep score and a backup game record. They should also have a whistle in case they need to take over for the Center Referee.

  • We expect all referees to be in proper uniform

Solid black shorts (no white stripes)

Gold jersey with black pinstripes (alternate jerseys are black with white pinstripes, red with black pinstripes, blue with black pinstripes)

Black shoes (turf shoes or cleats recommended) – No white running shoes

Black socks with 3 white stripes at the top

You should look neat and professional – socks pulled up; shirt tucked in

  • A pre-game discussion between the Center and his/her Assistants should always take place.

At the rec level, it is STRONGLY recommended that the Center have a pre-game discussion with each team and the respective coach. Go over length of halves, substitutions and a brief discussion of what you expect from the players as far as physical play and sportsmanship are concerned.

At U10 we urge referees to have a pre-game with the parents also. Remember, it is part of our mission to educate and a short discussion of handball or offside will not only help them enjoy the game, but make your job easier also.

  • Wait at least 15 minutes beyond the start time before calling a forfeit

…particularly if a team is waiting for players to arrive; and sometimes teams may be coming from one field to another due to a late field change.

  • Complete all the information on the game card.

We receive many that do not list the field or date of the game. Be sure all 3 officials sign the card (legibly!).

  • Turn in white copies of the game cards at the concession stand (responsibility of the center ref).

We pay by the game cards turned in and the scorekeeper may use the cards to maintain team standings. Centers also email a match report to the ref assignor (date, field #, game time, verify officials who worked the game, note any incidents or send-offs).

Referee Payment

  • Referees are paid by check according to a published schedule each season (approximately every 3 weeks).
  • Payments are made according to the match reports emailed to the assignor and verified by the scorecards turned in. It is the responsibility of the Center Referee to turn in the cards right away. If the box is not available the ref may turn in the cards during the week, mail to the ref assignor, or scan and email to the assignor.



Referee Coordinator
Brenda Lowe

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