New Hampshire Soccer Association
Adult Soccer Select Program
(Donnelly Cup)
The NH Adult Soccer Select team is meant to showcase promising soccer talent from, living, attending school, working in or returning to the states of New Hampshire, Maine or Vermont.

A Men's & Women's select squad will be chosen to participate in the annual Donnelly Cup.

During the tournament, at least 12 participants (6 men and 6 women), from each region, will be selected for the Men’s and Women’s National U-23 Select Pool. These teams will participate in various National tournaments throughout the year, including the MLS and Women League combines and preseason matches. This is a tremendous opportunity for those selected players to showcase their abilities to coaches from the National teams programs.

How to participate in State Select program
The teams will be formed from a pool of players selected from scheduled try-outs at various locations around the state and announced on this website. The appointed team coaches and assistants will then select players from these sessions for the team. All players 23 years old or younger are encouraged to participate.

If a schedule is not posted here please click on the following names to send an email for more information about this program:

Team Administrator:

Daniel Roberge
(603) 642-9968 (cell)
(978) 663-3360 x 1464 (work)
[email protected]

NH Men's  Select Coach:

Need More Information?
Many other Adult soccer opportunities are available in New Hampshire, to learn more or to ask more detailed questions, contact NHSA Vice President - Adult Soccer. To learn out more about the National Senior Select Program and the other programs offered by the United States Adult Soccer Association visit the USASA website

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