*Below is a section taken from the 2005 Director of Coaching End of Year Report which was presented to the NHSA Membership at our Annual General Meeting on March 26, 2006.

Youth and Amateur Divisions
Affiliated with USYSA, USASA, USSF, and fiFA


A key development in 2005 occurred in the area of our coaching course structure. With support from the NHSA Executive Board and affiliated league representatives a U10/U12 Youth Module course was implemented. It replaced the previously conducted U8/U10 Youth Module class. As it stands, the following configuration is currently in place; 'G' Course, U6/U8 Youth Module, U10/U12 Youth Module, 'E' Course, 'D' Course, *Specialty Courses.

With this change came an adjustment in certification requirements for new coaches of competitive teams. These changes were made to create a better fit between the information coaches are given in the classes and the skills they need to be successful during practical application with their teams.

* Grandfathered Coaches - The following applies to coaches who received their certificates / licenses before January 1, 2006. There is no change for these coaches.

Certificate / License
Age groups that can be coached
U8/U10 Youth Module Certificate U10 or Younger
'E' Certificate U14 or Younger
'D' License Any Age

*New Coaches - The following applies to coaches who receive their certificates / licenses after January 1, 2006.

Certificate / License
Age groups that can be coached
U10/U12 Youth Module Certificate U10-U12 Age Groups
'E' Certificate U13-U14 Age Groups
'D' License U13 and Older

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