Coach and Player Programs

  • 'G' Certificate - 3-4 Hours. Entry level basics. Organizing a practice session.
  • Youth Modules - 5 Hours. (U6/U8 or U10/U12) Teaching skills to the 5-11 year old.
  • 'E' License - 16 Hours. Teaching the 13-14 years old.
  • 'D' License - 35 Hours. Teaching players older than 14 years.
  • 'C' License - 6-7 days. A National level coaching course hosted in NH. Held by permission.
  • Player clinics for teams, leagues, or organizations. You pick the time and place.
  • Coaching Clinics - Special topics courses. Time and place are flexible.
  • School Programs - a "visiting lecturer" for school P.E. classes.

  • Coaching Evaluations - in a non-threatening environment, your field with your team. Valuable feedback about the coaching process.
  • Match Analysis - your team is evaluated with suggested needs and ideas to continue to develop your team. Technical, tactical, physical, and psychological dimensions are addressed.
  • Adult Camp - A chance to be like a kid again. A five day camp that treats coaches like players, but finishes each session with a discussion as coaches. This camp is flexible as far as times and dates. Candidates can receive their 'coaching license for an additional fee.
  • Community Camps- Staffed by the NHSA and Challenger Sports, a traveling camp that comes to your community and uses your fields.

An extensive evaluative process conducted by the NHSA staff and officers. Your league, club, or team organization and effectiveness is evaluated. By-laws, coaching effectiveness, organizational structure, facilities, etc., are all considered. This is a lengthy process which may take several weeks to complete. An evaluation is submitted at the end of the study.

Call the NHSA Director of Coaching or the State Office for these and other ideas that you may have;

NHSA Director of Coaching
[email protected]

Ric Marion
NHSA Office Administrator
Suite #2; 1600 Candia Rd.
Manchester, NH 03109
[email protected]
(603) 626-9686

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