Fall State Tournament 2007 - Champions

Fall State Tournament 2007

I would like to congratulate and thank all the teams that made it to the NHSA FALL FINALS. You won the play offs in your respective leagues achieving to move on to the NHSA finals. Move on you did. The games were well played and very competitive, with several games having the ability to shift the final outcome either way.

The weather was a blessing being mild and sunny without the spring and fall rains and chill in the air. It was hard to believe we were playing on November 11th. I would like to take this time to thank all of the teams for their great showing of sportsmanship both on the field and the bench. The spectators were fantastic. This year was probably one of our best for how well everything played out.

The parents, various other family members and friends who give up so much of your time to make sure the players get to the practice, the games and various other events; constantly showing your support. We applaud and thank you; for if it were not for you we would not be able to celebrate these great achievements.

In closing, my thanks go out to the volunteers who also give up so much of their time to help with the running of these events. If it were not for the volunteers, they would not be able to happen or run as smoothly as this year. The officiating was well done, represented and complimented on. To Dave Kelly and the Londonderry Soccer Club, thank you as always for the hard work you do to provide us with the great fields on which to play.

Thank you to all who contributed to the 2007 NHSA Fall Finals.


candia campbell
NHSA VP-Youth Competitive
Tournament Director

The NHSA Fall Tournament took place at the West Road fields in Londonderry, NH.


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