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__2010 - NHSA - By-Laws - Constitution - as of 03-19-05 1/5/2012455.68Download
__2010 - NHSA - Policy Book - Rev 2002 3/23/2010858.11Download
2012 State Cup Forms 3/13/2012UnknownDownload
2012 Youth Presidents Cup Forms 3/13/2012UnknownDownload
Age Chart (2 year type) Fall 2012- Spring 2013 ages 5 - 19 3/13/2012659.46Download
Age Chart Fall 2012 - Spring 2013 5 to19 years old 3/13/2012293.53Download
Fee Schedule F2012 - S2013 9/4/20121,827.84Download
Injury Report (.pdf) 10/29/2010535.80Download
Insurace Coverage Benefits(Youth ONLY) F2012-S2013(.pdf) 9/4/201236.28Download
Insurace NHSA Liability Coverage Outline F2012-S2013 (.pdf) 9/4/201236.28Download
Insurance Claim Form F2012-S2013 (Youth ONLY)(.pdf) 9/4/2012118.34Download
International Clearance Foreign Players - Rev 03 - OBSOLETE 2/13/201239.42Download
International Clearance Request Form (ITC 3-03) - OBSOLETE 2/13/201229.75Download
International Clearance Waiver Form (WV 3-03) - OBSOLETE 2/13/201232.50Download
Permission for Foreign Travel Form (.doc) 2/13/2008366.08Download
Permission for Foreign Travel Form (.pdf) 2/13/200844.55Download
Permission to Host - Hosting Agreement 6/21/201096.77Download
Permission to Host a Tournament 6/21/2010244.22Download
Permission to Travel (player only) Instructions (.doc) 2/13/2008386.56Download
Permission to Travel (team only) Instructions (.doc) 2/13/2008454.66Download
Permission to Travel Form (.doc) 2/13/200855.81Download
Player Card Instructions (.doc) 2/13/2008683.01Download
Player Registraton Status Form (.pdf) 11/11/201028.76Download
Registration Form (.doc) 9/24/2008246.27Download
Registration Form (.pdf) 9/24/2008528.72Download
Ted Stevens Sports Act (.pdf) 2/13/2008211.43Download
Youth Player Registration Status Form (.pdf) 11/20/200928.76Download

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