NH ODP is excited to announce that Next Level Performance (NLP) has been named as the official fitness training company for the program.  NLP has developed an individual training program for the players of NH ODP.  There is a specific program for the younger players (U12-14) and another program for the older players (U15-17).  

Each age group has two types of workout programs.  One program is designed for players working out at home and makes use of household items and personal body weight for resistance training.  The other program is designed for those players who can make use of a school gym or workout gym.  In these environments, typical gym and training equipment are utilized.

Click on the icons listed below to download the various instructions to the program:

1.  NH ODP Home Workout Instructions

2.  Self Warmup Instructions

3.  Workout Descriptions
Home Workout -Younger Players U12-14
Home Workout - Older Players U15-17

Gym Workout - Younger Players U12-14
Gym Workout - Older Players U15-17

4.  Metabolic Agility and Sprints
Metabolics Agility Drills
Metabolics Sprints


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