Youth Recreation



The purpose of Recreation soccer in New Hampshire is for the enjoyment and development of soccer players without the heavy emphasis on competition.


A Recreation Player is a player that is registered with a Recreation Program that is registered with a Recreation Team within a Recreation League. These players are selected based on a system that equitably distributes the talent/ability equally.

 Each player must also be given the opportunity to play an equal amount of game time in each game. (Evaluations may be used only to help determine a balanced team makeup)


Recreation Team: Is a team that is a rostered group of players that regularly plays against other Recreation Teams.


Recreation League: Is a league developed solely of Recreational Teams.




Youth Soccer Month          ( link to Youth Soccer Month)
NHSA U10 Festival            ( link to U10 Festival)

Kohl’s American Cup         ( link to American Cup)



The success of any organization is the volunteers. We welcome your assistance, guidance and/or ideas. If you are a high school student looking for community service hours or a parent wanting to get involved, there is something for everyone! Please contact Kathee Goulet at [email protected] or Ric Marion at:  [email protected] .





The major focus of Project Partnership is for NHSA to reach out to the Town/City Recreation Departments that have soccer programs and promote the game of soccer by showing what NHSA can offer.  By entering into a partnership that opens a dialog between the two organizations, each side can benefit in the sharing of information and resources at a level that allows Recreation Departments to explore options with NHSA in developing their soccer programs.  The intent is for a win-win relationship with every partner.   Contact Kathee Goulet at [email protected] or Ric Marion at [email protected] for more information.

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