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  HISTORY - St. Louis Scott Gallagher

St. Louis Soccer Club / Busch Soccer Club
In the early 1970’s, the Busch Gardens Soccer Club was formed by Dennis Long (who was later inducted into the USSF Hall of Fame) with the support of St. Louis-based brewer Anheuser-Busch, Inc., as a premier select soccer club for boys in the St. Louis area.  By 1980, the club name had evolved to the Busch Soccer Club, and a few years later the club expanded to include select girls’ teams as well.  In 2004, the evolution continued, as the club changed its name to St. Louis Soccer Club to better represent and support the mission of the club and its community.  The club has been consistently ranked among the top 20 girls programs by Soccer America, and over the past 30+ years, the boys and girls teams of St. Louis Soccer Club / Busch Soccer Club have claimed 15 National Championships in addition to winning more State Championships and advancing more teams to Regional Championships than any other club in the country.  

Scott Gallagher Soccer Club
The Scott Gallagher Soccer Club traces its roots back to 1976, when St. Louisan Jim Scott – the owner of a sheet-metal company called Scott-Gallagher, Inc. – began lending sponsorship assistance to a small soccer club from north St. Louis County called Ruiz S.C.  One year later, Mr. Scott assumed the sponsor role of the club, and after a two-year transition period, the club officially began playing as Scott Gallagher Soccer Club in 1979.  At that time, the club consisted of only four select boys teams…but just two years later, the Scott Gallagher U-19 boys team went on to win the club’s first national Championship in the McGuire Cup.  In 1983, the club received wide recognition for its unprecedented achievement of winning four Regional Championships in the same year, and one year later, Scott Gallagher S.C. notched its second McGuire Cup National Championship.  Regularly ranked among Soccer America’s list of the top 20 boys soccer clubs, through 2008 Scott Gallagher S.C. achieved 11 National Championship titles and countless Regional and State championships.  

Metro United Soccer Club
Given the strong heritage of soccer in St. Louis, it was only a matter of time before the sport’s popularity made the short trip across the Mississippi River and spread to the southern Illinois area.  After the sport grew for years among local schools and smaller clubs, the Metro United Soccer Club was created in 1993 to raise soccer in southern Illinois to a new level by providing a thorough and professional level of training for boys and girls of all ages and abilities.  Complete and effective soccer instruction is the organizational focus of Metro United FC, and to maximize player development, the club is committed to offering the best possible developmental environment combined with the highest level of competition available.  As a result, the club has won more than 200 various competitions since its inception in 1993… and in 2006, Metro United FC was invited to participate – along with Scott Gallagher SC – in the inaugural season of the U.S. Soccer Development Academy Program.

In early 2007, St. Louis Soccer Club, Scott Gallagher Soccer Club, and Metro United Soccer Club, explored the possibility of bringing the three groups together to better serve the soccer community of the Greater St. Louis Metropolitan Area.  By combining the talent and efforts of three of the area's leading clubs, St. Louis would boast a unique, vertically integrated soccer organization of the highest quality – from entry level all the way through to the professional ranks.

Now, with the formation of the St. Louis Scott Gallagher Soccer Club, three of the area’s finest clubs – St. Louis / Busch Soccer Club, Scott Gallagher Soccer Club, and Metro United Soccer Club – have joined together to establish a new era in St. Louis club soccer.

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