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Unity…“The great thing in this world is not so much where we stand as in what direction we are moving.”

 ---O. W. Holmes

Unity has many definitions; Webster’s says it is the quality of being one, single-mindedness, and in accord.  SLSG will often refer to the word Unity when coaching or teaching the “Team Concept”.  In order for the club, team, individual to experience great moments in the game of soccer all those involved must be committed to the clubs’ values, goals, vision, mission, and philosophy.  Once committed to the “process” of becoming a strong club and team, we will reflect a unified front, a family!  All the members of the club must trust that we are involved in the game for the same reasons; the pursuit of the most excellent game regardless of talent level is a purpose that motivates above and beyond winning. A strong trust in the philosophy and mission of the club will consequently promote sacrifice and discipline from SLSG members and therefore will be the foundation for lifelong relationships.

Humility… “Because the game rules.  The game will assert its primacy.  I need the game more than it needs me.”

---J. E. Weidman

In order for the club / or team to become something special, the individuals must be willing to surrender their own personal agenda.  A coach and player must realize that he/she has certain strengths and weaknesses.  And it is the recognition of these weaknesses and the relentless work to improve them (as well as sharpen strengths) that will help a team progress. We must use our Club “Pride” as a weapon (rather than getting to excited about our accomplishments) and work to play the game in a way that will impress and make all of the city of St. Louis feel good about the game.  A game that each player must realize is something special, something that is much bigger than us as individuals.  We as a club must always be in pursuit of great balance in the game of soccer.        

Passion… “There comes a moment, when our sacrifice for each other forces our will upon a game, into a game, through a game, that we have dreamed! “


The game of soccer has stopped wars, united political rivals, and impacted the economic struggles in different countries.  The game provides joy, pain, happiness, excitement, and confusion.  Those who truly pursue excellence in the game will leave each and every ounce of mental and physical energy on the field.  The game is global and some days when a player or team is in a flow, we get a glimpse of just how many different emotions we can feel during the course of a practice or match.  The game provides us with so many amazing moments!  To play good soccer you must have a great will and determination to overcome limits both physically and mentally.  The ability to put all of our energy into the pursuit of great soccer during the most adverse times or conditions is sometimes referred to as having great character or a player with “heart”! 

Respect… “There is no medal better than being acclaimed for your style. Even if it doesn’t win (but we trust that it will), it will inspire footballers of all ages everywhere.  That is the greatest reward!”

---Johan Cruyff

All SLSG coaches will be encouraged to reflect this attitude towards the game for the benefit of the players.  If a player is taught that we are just a small part of a much larger and amazing game it will help them realize that they must respect the values by witch those before us played soccer, and that remembering those of the past have opened up numerous opportunity for those of the present club.  Playing with heart, sacrifice, discipline, and class each and every day and never forgetting that we pursue an excellent brand of soccer is a great sign of respect.  The game can be played many different ways.  But SLSG has a certain vision of how the game should be played.

Tradition…”It is well to remember that the entire population of the universe, with one trifling exception, is composed of others.”  

---R. W. Emerson

SLSG is a merger of 3 clubs.  These clubs have achieved numerous National Championships, developed professionals, All-Stars, National Team Players, State Champions, Premier Tournament Champions, Regional Champions, and League Champions.  This club has been present in just about every premier event in the nation.  The coaches, managers, parents, and players of the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s have laid a foundation that is strong and proud.  Our city has been one built upon relentless work from its inception and our teams will continue this approach to soccer.  Good soccer relying on the trust in the club’s Shield Values will take great efforts from all individuals.  To play the “SLSG Way” will mandate heart and passion, humility, and a belief that what we do, the time invested, the sweat given, and the emotions spent will matter.  And those players of the future will hear the present player’s story and be inspired to be a part of something significant!


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